Volunteer Spotlight

This is what 54 years of love looks like. This is what sacrificing the last 3 years of staying home with your partner who is recovering from kidney surgery looks like. This is what you do on your first outing in years because your partner gave up something they love for something they love more.  This couple is the picture of love. Michael was our first volunteer, see he has a problem, he loves kids, he loves helping and we all will reach that point where you stop being coach or retire and you wanna help and you don't want to do the normal volunteering, you want to be in the action. So he just started coming in and working. Fine by me, we needed the help. Whether your paid or volunteers, I treet you the same. We have a job to make our customers day better, we want their vacation to be better because they ate at our restaurant. Michael was as big a part of our team as any employee. Then he had to give it up for something he loved more.  So on their first outing to celebrate 54 years of love, commitment, happiness, sorrow, loss and success his wife, his beautiful wife says we have to go to FK. Out of all the places she could of chose,, she chose the one that would not only fill their belly but their hearts as well. That's what love looks like. Love you all and hope you experience that kind love at least once in your life.