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Welcome to the FK FAMILY!

What is FK Your Diet?

Owners: Doug Miller & Amy Eldridge

Owners: Doug Miller & Amy Eldridge

As a foster kid (that’s what the FK stands for!) I was introduced to a number of different chefs growing up (foster moms = chef).  To be honest, they were some of the most horrible chefs. Nine out of ten days the meals were awful! But… Ohh! on that tenth day the clouds would part and their inner Betty Crocker (if you’re young, Betty Crocker was the original Pinterest for cooking) would emerge with vigor. The meal would be fit for a king. I spent 12 years as a traveling foster kid. Each new home had a new chef to stretch your taste buds (some good, but mostly not so much :)). 

I never had much growing up, but I was fed. I didn't have the latest anything or the cool clothes, but I knew the chef was going to make her special recipe, Merry Christmas to me! So… food was a big thing for me. On the good meal days, I was like everyone else, I felt worthy and loved. Those meals are the ones on our menu. I hope they make you feel the same way. 

After graduating from high school, I used all my experience and training as a foster kid to start a career in sales. It was a rewarding career that allowed me to afford a great life. If you ask me how I'm doing I always answer “LIVING THE DREAM”. Like many, I got married, had a couple of sons and started showing my love for them the only way I knew how COOKING! I would cook for all the kids in the neighborhood and introduce them to foster kid cuisine. Some of those kids never left my house after eating. Lol! The kids I really liked to cook for were the ones who had it tough. You know, the poor kids like me. They really appreciated it. I was spending $500 per week at the grocery store to show my love to them.  Now the kids are in various different stages in life like college or starting their careers.

Amy (my girlfriend) and I decided to retire to Florida at the ripe old age of 45. After taking a year and a half off, we have decided to open FK Your Diet to showcase foster kid food and give back to that community. Five percent of our revenue will be donated to foster kids. Not only will you get a great meal, but you will also be helping some child feel a little better. 

Thank you for the honor of being your foster parent while you’re in our restaurant.
We hope you enjoy!

Warm Regards.
Doug Miller & Amy Eldridge.


19630 South Tamiami Trail
Fort Myers Florida, 33908
We are conveniently located right off of State Route 41 directly across from Wood Smoke Camp Ground in the Estero/San Carlos area.



Monday - 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Tuesday - 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Wednesday - 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Thursday - 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Friday - 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Phone: 239-245-8877
We do take take out orders over the phone! Give us a call.



Ways to Help Local Foster Kids with FK Your Diet


Eat at FK

Just by eating at FK Your Diet you are giving back to local foster children in Lee County. We give back 5% of our revenue to local agencies such as Every Child Initiative, Lutheran Services and Children’s Network of SWFL. It is very important to Doug and Amy that all donations stay local and it directly goes to the kids!


Back to school Clothes for Foster Kids Raffle

Hello FK Friends!

It has been an 9 months since FK Your Diet opened its doors. Doug and I had a dream to help foster children in the area and provide a good meal to everyone who walked through our front door. We are in total awe how much the community has embraced our mission and our food.

To date we have raised over $50.000 to help foster children in Lee County. That is a thanks to YOU our customers. We are still not done! We will never be done as long as there are children in foster care.

As summer is starting to wind down up we are looking forward to back to school. Did you know that the average foster child moves homes 8 - 10 times while in foster care? Many times moving from place to place with just the clothes on their backs. They are not only moving homes but many times also moving to different schools. We all know how very difficult and strange that can be for a typical family, can you imagine what these kids must be going through? They typically get second hand clothes which makes them stand out and makes the transition even more uncomfortable. As adults we my think that second hand clothes are just fine and "these kids" should be so happy to get clothes. NEW Clothes matter to "these kids", NEW Shoes matter to "these kids", NEW school supplies and backpacks matter to "these kids". Many are moved around like cattle and are always wondering where they are going to be shifted to next. Many even wonder where they are going to get their next meal.

 Our mission at FK Your Diet is to try to help to provide foster kids of Lee County with some sort of normalcy when they start back to school this year! We hope it will be one less stressor for them.

 We will be doing all kinds of fundraising this summer to help as many children as we can! As always we appreciate all your help and love you bunches.


Doug & Amy

We have approximately $15,000 to raise for this special project.  As always we appreciate all of our FK’S family’s ongoing support to help foster children in SWFL.  If you would like to contribute to help purchase school clothes for our Lee County Foster Kids please stop by the restaurant or click the “Donate” button above.

Let’s all join together and help these kiddos!


Volunteer at FK

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities at FK Your Diet. You can always volunteer your time by working at the restaurant and help with special events. Do you have special talent or skill set? Let us know!

Beer, Wine and Bubbles!

Check back often for our growing list!

Delivery & Take Out Options

Don’t have time to come in and join us today but still want to partake in our yummy food? We will miss your smiling face but we understand that you may be under the weather or in the middle of that Netflix series! No worries!
You can call us at 239-245-8877 to place a take out order.
Want to have your order delivered? We have partnered with Uber Eats and Bite Squad! Click below to start your order today!