Over 1000 People fed through FK Your Diet's donation

We were able to deliver a half of a big moving truck of fresh food into the community today. Summit Church hosted Eight Days of Hope and about 700/800 volunteers to help with the clean-up of Hurricane Ian. Lots of volunteers slept in tents and vacant buildings. They worked sun up to sun down .We got the food that others did not eat and handed it out to struggling families. We had three different groups  working to make sure everything is used and not wasted. About 1000 people will benefit from this food for the next week. That's a good day, but that's not all. There is so much work that still needs to be done! We are always looking for volunteers to help us do the work that needs to be done for the community. We currently also take donations.

Today was a good day to change someone's life for the better and honor a man and his family that we all love! We showed up with a bunch of muscle and 4 truckloads of furniture and supplies. More pictures to come, but I wanted you all to have a few. The best part--when we were done, he asked me... could we go to the beach with you sometime? We don't know where to go. YES - let's show you why living in Fort Myers is amazing!! (Besides the incredible people, that is)

We are going to give them a chance to get settled with the items we brought them, and then I will work with them to get a wish list 2.0 put together in the next few days. The community of FK had a great day, not because of what we got, but because of what we gave as a group . We need baby stuff, financial help, and some volunteers if anyone is wanting to help.

Here is a list of items we desperately need:

Convertible Crib

Changing table

Bedding for crib

Baby swing

Children's books

Baby/toddler toys (all gender-neutral)

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