Memorial Day

Memorial day, growing up that meant the start of summer. As a foster kid it also meant I would be responsible for myself. No more free lunches at school, not a lot of structure and a lot of time to fill. Holidays were always tough because I would either be hauled off to some different place where I felt like I didn't belong or left with someone else, somewhere, I didn't belong. If my foster family took me to see their family I kinda just felt in the way, if I was put with respite care I would be jealous of what I thought I was missing out on. Memorial day was the start of summer programs and free lunches at the park. My friends would be off doing family stuff and I was left to figure out how I was going to get by. The free lunches at the park were wonderful, huge sandwiches packed with loads of meat and cheese.

 The park people would put so much meat and cheese on these sandwiches, some of the homes I lived in would have me take most of it off and my foster moms would use it for other sandwiches. I remember the awkward trips and places I would go on memorial day growing up,  I also remember telling myself that when I get older I would do whatever I had to do to not have those feelings of loneliness and awkwardness. So, if you don't have anywhere to go, stop by the restaurant and hang out with us and eat. I promise you we will tell you we love you and the food will be great. Even if you can't afford it, we got you. Love you all and hope you have a great memorial day.